Our cuisine and our wines

Our cuisine and our wines


Our cuisine and our wines

In the kitchen of Assunta Madre every ingredient is the typical product of our country and is chosen with great attention. Each aroma is dosed to enhance, without ever affecting, the unmistakable taste of fresh fish that is delivered directly from the sea to our kitchen in just a few hours. In order to appreciate the freshness of fish it must be prepared with simple ingredients that do not alter the taste of the sea: this is the philosophy of Chef Franco Bloisi.

You can choose from raw and hot assorted appetizers, delicious samples of first courses, discover the catch of the day and conclude with the delicious desserts of the Pastry Chef. All the dishes are derived from the combination of the best culinary tradition and the best raw ingredients. A true experience of taste, a journey refined in the memory of tradition but elaborated in an elegant and contemporary way.

The selection of Italian and foreign wine and champagne labels is rich and prestigious.

Our dishes

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